The Imperial Bathroom

The apartment of the administrator, the dining room for the staff members, and the kitchen were initially located in the so-called Prince's Wing, in the western section of the premises. Around 1835, a room was added to the southern side of the wing: The bathroom. An inventory from the year 1866 lists also the furnishings. Then, memory of this room faded. The restoration works in 2010 made a surprising discovery. The entire installation of the bath chamber was found under the concrete floor of a cold storage room. Wellness from the 19th century!

Virtually undamaged, just dirty. And on top of it all, the Imperial eagle on the wall opposite the steps which led into the water!

The room has a size of approx. 20 sqm. The tub is 3 m long, 1.3 m wide, and 1.2 m deep. Covered with white tiles, designed to look like porcelain. The water faucets - probably gilded - are unfortunately missing today, but one can still see where the cold and warm water came in. The exterior pipe bringing in the spring water is partially hidden under the ground. The warm water came from the kitchen directly through the wall from an oven.

Hardly any paint has survived on the walls. But instead the ceiling frescos. They're the most beautiful illustrations on the entire premises with birds of paradise in every corner!