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Arenenberg Palace and Park

Arenenberg Palace is nestled high above the newly restored landscape park and the Lower Lake, part of Lake Constance, directly opposite Reichenau Island an the volcanic cones of the Hegau.

Napoleon III, the last emperor of the French, spent the most important years of life here together with his mother Hortense de Beauharnais, adopted daughter and sister-in-law of Napoleon I.

In 1906, his wife, Empress Eugénie donated the "château impérial" and its estate to the canton of Thurgau.Arenenberg Palace

The imperial court

Far away from home, the imperial family succeeded in enticing all of Europe to the shores of Lake Constance. The most renowned representatives of music, literature, art and politics flocked to Arenenberg Palace.

Today, the gates of the palace are open for a fascinating journey back into 19th century. The guests stroll freely through the drawing rooms, rest and relax on chairs, peruse and leaf through the books on display, and listen eagerly to the tales of eye witnesses of days long gone.